Met Gala Dinner 2022 Recipe

Not everyone can visit Galla Dinner, but now everyone can enjoy it. The chef after this An-Lauren von der Pool, Amirah Samuelsson, Amirah Samuelsson, and Amirah Samuelsson and Amirah Samuelsson, Food Samuelsson, as foods to avoid the exception of the night.

Each one complements their own style and content simultaneously: intense electricity of: one of the exceptions “when they come with their diet. For the worship of cocktails, von der pool wearing a veg lake (“sweat Bentvres on grandparents and aunt who was generated as Vogue., A delicious person with a delicious raw Hamachi with olives and Sichuan Chili in the Banner Code and the Foreign Countries. Foreigners caused foreigners, “the kings spoke in Vogue.

As for the main class? This would be Marcus Samuelsson’s braid’s wool – an increased choice for both summer meals.

Finally, the evening will not succeed with something sweet. Amirah lasts for chocolate cake and mousse, a sofa tea, one of the knot teas, one on the head of tea time, and visible guests. And even if you need a professional adventure to pull its models, he pressed his map, so that he can be made from the beginning of the enthusiasts.

Below, put the menu up to 2022 meters in the Galra menu.

Lauren von der Lake Laurel Vele said “eggs”
Makeup to 30


Cușer salt

15 Little hot potatoes Yukon (up to 1 lb. all), washed

4 teaspoon. Vegan mayonnaise

2 teaspoon. Plant or water

1 teaspoon. Sweet savory, finely chopped, if it is weird

1 teaspoon. Yellow mustard

1 tablespoon. Powder

1½ tablespoon. Apple vinegar

½ tablespoon. Kala Namak (Indian black salt)

½ tablespoon. Crushed turmeric

Paprika of smoke (for service)

Dill leaves (for service)

Take a large saucepan with lots of salt water for a heater. Add 15 small Yukon potatoes and return to a heater. Cook until the potatoes are finished and a potato skewer slides, 15-20 minutes. The potatoes are released and transferred to a bowl of ice; Allow to cool for 5 minutes, then drain back.

Chloe by believes that angelic wearing gold

Cut all the potatoes in half. Hara a small amount of rounded edge to create an apartment is, because the potato halves can stand up. Use a ½ teaspoon of snow the fountain in the middle of each half potato, replace the snow in the middle when you work. (You should have about 1 cup of potatoes when you are done.)

For the potato bowl, add 4 teaspoons. Vegan mayonnaise, 2 teaspoons. Milk or water-based plants, 1 tablespoon. Sweet relish, 1 teaspoon. Yellow mustard, 1 tablespoon. Onion, 1½ tablespoon. Apple cider vinegar, ½ tablespoon. Kala Namak (Indian black salt) and ½ tablespoon. Crushed turmeric. Massage everything together, as well as the use of potato or fork mask, add small water, as needed to reach equality. The taste and season with more salt is that.

Instead of printing for a piping bag fits a plastic star or a plastic bag back with a corner. The pipe of a small potato with the block. Top potatoes with smoke smoke smoke and fresh dill spur. Changes in the devil “eggs” for a team plateau.

Images will have a platter and cooked for the platter
Ngala autumn video
King Melissa Hamachi Crudo with olive and Sichuan Chili in citrus broth
Work 6

1 kilogram of meat, without file sheets with sushi-grade yellow, 1-inch width and 2-inch length (can be changed with salmon or amberjack).

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